house and real estate contract to close service

We will create, file and obtain all documents including: contract/counteroffer, exhibits, copy of earnest money check, preapproval letter, etc.

  • Manage the file in DotLoop and confirm compliance – obtain needed documents, signatures, etc.
  • Add contract dates to calendar (due diligence, financing contingency, closing date, etc.)
  • Monitor contract dates throughout the closing process to insure deadlines are met.
  • Act as the agent’s liaison for all closing parties, including the co-op agent, closing attorney, lender, inspector, etc.
  • Coordinate and confirm delivery of earnest money.
  • Obtain weekly updates from lender and closing attorney
  • Order home warranty, as per the contract.
  • Coordinate inspections, as needed.
  • Prepare and send amendments to all parties, as needed.
  • Coordinate appraisal and confirm status, as needed.
  • Verify “clear to close” with lender.
  • Insure “Amendment To Address Concerns” has been completed and signed by all parties.
  • Prepare “Commission Agreement” and obtain signatures from all parties.
  • Request closing statement from attorney and review for accuracy. Forward closing statement to agent.
  • Coordinate the closing date and time, schedule with closing attorney and inform all parties.
  • Coordinate final walk through, if needed.
  • Coordinate delivery of garage door openers, keys, HOA key FOBS, etc.
  • Order closing gifts, as needed.
  • Update agent’s client data base with new address, etc.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you feel there are missing services in the list above.