real estate concierge services in Savannah

At Savannah Contract to Close Solutions, our real estate concierge services are changing the way people buy and sell homes, offering support from the beginning to the end of the process.

We ensure every detail is handled, making your experience easier. Let’s look at how we can help you with your real estate needs.

  • Our real estate concierge services are transforming home buying and selling by providing support from start to finish.
  • We take care of every detail to make your experience more straightforward.
  • Let us show you how we can assist you with your real estate needs.
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Real Estate Concierge Services We Can Provide

At Savannah Contract to Close Solutions, we’re equipped with the experience, knowledge, and local connections to get you results.

What is a Closing Agent in Real Estate?

A real estate closing agent is key in the final steps of buying or selling property. They work with all parties involved, including the selling agent, buyers, sellers, and lenders, to complete the sale. Their main tasks are:

  1. Checking all closing documents to ensure they are correct and complete.
  2. Solving any problems that could delay the closing.
  3. Managing the distribution of money and making sure all financial dealings are correct.
  4. Filing the deed and any other required documents with the local government offices.

Our goal is to provide a hassle-free closing process. We make sure everything is in order and properly handled.

Listing Agent vs Selling Agent in Real Estate

Understanding the different roles of listing agents and selling agents, our concierge services are designed to streamline both aspects of a real estate transaction.

Listing agents focus on promoting the property, using our real estate listing service to add properties to MLS, improve presentations with photos, and update information on various platforms. On the other hand, selling agents assist buyers by helping them choose properties and navigate the buying process.

We support both by offering help during closing, organizing inspections, and ensuring appraisers and contractors can access the property. Our aim is to make the process from listing to closing as efficient as possible, ensuring that all parties receive excellent service from our concierge real estate services.

We are dedicated to helping agents provide the best service to their clients.

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Why Should You Outsource These Services For Your Real Estate Agency?

Real estate transactions can be complex and take a lot of time. Our agency has found that using outside concierge services makes clients happier.

When we give these extra tasks to a team that specializes in them, we can concentrate on what we do best, making sure our clients get the careful attention and knowledge they need.

There are several clear advantages to using these outside services:

  1. More Efficiency: When we give tasks like going to inspections and handling property listings to outside experts, we save time.
    • This lets us serve more clients and manage more properties effectively.
  2. Saving Money: It’s expensive to keep a team in-house for concierge services.
    • By using outside services, we avoid the costs of extra salaries, benefits, and training, which saves us a lot of money.
  3. Ability to Adjust: When we’re very busy or during the high season, we can increase our use of outside services easily.
    • This keeps our staff from being overwhelmed.
  4. Specialized Knowledge: Companies like Savannah Contract to Close Solutions, LLC focus on supporting real estate services.
    • Our specialized knowledge means we handle every detail, from property listings to making sure we follow all the rules, very carefully.

We have seen the benefits of working with a partner we can rely on to manage the complex parts of our business. It’s not just about doing less work; it’s about working smarter.

The following “Concierge” services are offered for an additional hourly rate as time permits:

  • Attend Closing on the Agent’s Behalf
  • Attend Inspections on the Agent’s Behalf
  • Attend Final Walk-Through on the Agent’s Behalf
  • Unlock CLB for Home Inspectors, etc.
  • Show Agent’s Listed Property
  • Meet sellers with listing documents for signing “in person”.
  • Meet Stagers, Photographers, etc. at the listed property.
  • Record and Add the Zillow video to agent’s Zillow account.
  • Photograph investment properties or other properties that agent feels does not warrant a professional photographer.